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God Bless America DVD Review- Dubay

5/10 (Passable)

Spoiler Level: Moderate

Sometimes we’ll turn on the television and we’ll encounter absolutely mindless entertainment. It ranges from reality shows, to gossip, to talent shows, heck even the news today isn’t really the news. Many of us are quite upset with it, we’d rather do a different activity  than have to endure an 8 hour “Swamp People” marathon. In comedian Bobcat Goldthwait’s dark comedy “God Bless America”, we witness some extreme measures taken to deal with the cruel forms of entertainment that we see on television here in the United States.

The main character is Frank. Frank does not have much going for him in his life. He finds himself outraged at the awful human behavior spewed on the modern day TV screen. He envisions taking matters into his own hands to deal with the monsters on the airways. To purge the inconsiderate and “mean” people from the world, Frank finds assistance from a teenage girl Roxy. Roxy also wants to rid the world of those who “deserve” it. This is where the movie really falls apart. We get the sense of a Bonnie and Clyde duo who are out to kill those who annoy them. Over and over again we endure more and more violence from Frank and Roxy. It becomes the same joke until the end of the film.

Watching this film, it is quite evident that we unmask the director’s political, religious, and social views on life. All of the dialogue and conversations can be linked directly to the mouth of Goldthwait. We understand that American society can be a little messed up, but Goldthwait’s solution to the problem is ridiculous. Honestly, the film doesn’t offer too many laughs, outside of one of the most outrageous scenes I’ve ever seen. The film is basically a platform to whine and complain about the world we live in. Does it bring up some interesting points? Yes. Are they addressed properly? No. So, the next time you encounter some awful television, it might be best to just turn the TV off and pick up a good book. Or you could watch re-runs of “Seinfeld”.



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